Michael S. Hedrick

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Growing up in rural North Carolina of working class parents instilled in me working class values and loyalty to the people who make this country great. My working class loyalties and values continue to define my professional life and remain the driving force behind my areas of law practice. When it comes to our civil justice system, however, the playing field is not level. It's tipped in favor of corporations, insurance companies and money. I stand firmly and proudly with you.

Representing negligently injured people is my passion, and holding others responsible for the consequences of their actions makes our children, our families, and our world a little safer. I believe responsibility for consequences causes corporations and their insurance companies to think twice about making human pain and suffering an accounting entry.

I obtained my formal legal education in Chicago at The John Marshall Law School, met my wife, and I never left. Since starting my legal career in 2001, I've recovered millions of dollars from negligent individuals and corporations for my clients, in the areas of work place injuries, work place discrimination and retaliation, car accidents, construction accidents and slip and fall accidents.

Big or small, I will learn your case from every angle. I will know the insurance companies' arguments before they do. You too will know the angles and arguments in your case. I use direct and plain language to communicate with clients and jurors - not a bunch of fancy lawyer talk. If your lawyer does not talk about your case in a way that you understand, how will a jury ever understand it?! If you've had a preventable injury, you need a lawyer capable of and committed to effectively fighting for you. Call me for a free consultation.